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Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc.

Our mission is to promote educational opportunities, protect and define existing rights of the current and potential deaf and deaf-blind citizens of America, and to solidify their social and economic security.



OAD History

We are a non-profit organization incorporated within the state of Ohio to protect the rights of the Deaf citizens. This association has been serving Deaf people of Ohio and has existed for over 50 years. O.A.D. Was first called “The Ohio Deaf Motorists Association” from 1940 to 1961. It changed to Ohio Association of the Deaf in 1961 at which time it was merged with Ohio Federation of Organizations serving the Deaf. We have 10 Districts in Ohio.


OAD Pandemic Year, 2021

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Hope you have a wonderful March, with better weather and better days ahead.
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OAD’s three founders:

Two deaf gentlemen and one hearing insurance agent


Questions and Answers

OAD Historical Facts.pdf

OAD Historical Facts

Ohio/National Deaf History Month

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OAD President’s Message

Future Events:

March 18: Open Board Meeting at 10am

April 15: Social Chat at 10am

April 29: Deaf Nation Expo in Columbus, OH

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definition: To manipulate the mind of an innocent person to make him or her confused. Another word…lying to someone.


That wicked person, a manipulator, is gaslighting her husband, making him believe he has gone crazy. (The husband is not crazy but his wife is controlling his thoughts.)